English Courses

ELTC (English Learning and Teaching Center) - Consists of four systems (ABA KIDS, ABA PRE TEENS, ABA TEENS and ABA ADULTS), which offer regular courses (beginning and advanced levels) and specialized courses, as well as a Teacher Education Program and preparatory courses for persons who need to take international exams and tests in English.

It offers a unique curriculum of English-language-teaching learning integrated with the 21st century skills. It is recognized as an outstanding service by the US Embassy in Brazil.

English Courses

English Courses

Courses for children based on cognitive and emotional aspects of child development

Course aimed at pre-teenage audience, with the goal of working key language skills in an integrated way

At ABA Teens, classes are designed to please the teenagers and make English learning fun

At ABA Adults, professional students, college students and high school students start and advance in English language learning