School – Early Childhood

Early Childhood

It is in early childhood, that most of the time children have their first experience with the social world that goes beyond their family environment. There are moments that widen the possibilities to create connections with other children and adults. It is the beginning of the construction of being part of a group, to integrate with a different environment, with its own characteristics and with various operating routines. It is the beginning of the first step into school life.

In an environment that is both caring and welcoming, the growth of the child is gradual and happens through social interaction; children will build security to make their own discoveries and improve social, emotional, motor, expressive and cognitive formations.


The interactive situations at ABA Global School are very diverse. All of them are designed with the goal to facilitate the interaction between the children and their environment. Always prioritizing the elements that value social interaction, affectivity and movement, and elements that integrate with the subjects dealt with and contribute to the self-discovery of the child and of the other, in a rich environment of stimuli and possibilities.

At ABA Global School, we attend to children ages 1 to 5, these being the first four years in the process of immersion into the English language. At the last year of Child Education, the process of developing reading and writing skills is initiated, and the children start to think about the codes of the mother language and part of the schedule is experienced in Portuguese.