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ABA is the only school in Pernambuco certified by IB World Schools, the biggest international school network in the world. Based in Switzerland, with global centers in Singapore, United States of America and the Netherlands, the network has almost 5.000 highly ranked schools in 156 countries. ABA is also part of the Maple Bear Canadian Schools, a network which is based on one of the best educational systems of the world (Canada) and a reference in Bilingual Education.

ABA Global School prepares students for present-day personal and professional challenges enabling them to cope with an ever-changing world. Through an authentic bilingual  and transdisciplinary approach, students learn to learn, becoming the creators of their own journey.

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Transdisciplinary methodology

Critical Thinking, Bilingual Education, Global Citizenship, Coding and Entrepreneurship Programs

Transdisciplinary approach, which is child-centered and based on projects and multiple intelligences

Total immersion in English until the age of 4, and bilingual literacy (Portuguese and English) at the age of 5

Global Citizenship development, encouraging students to think critically and consider local and global contexts

Entrepreneurship Program from Year 1 and Coding from Year 3

Classrooms organized as learning centers

Team in constant training by national and international consultants and educators and by their coordinators

Education is not about absorbing knowledge without ever questioning it

Personalized learning

Project-based learning, with personalized lessons that align with the profile of each class and student.

Every week, the teachers meet to plan their class’ activities, with a transdisciplinary view of the content to be dealt with the students

Connected systems to help identify each student’s strengths and needs

Projects and activities aligned with each group, giving students more independence and strengthening their engagement with learning

Pedagogical, psychological and speech-language professionals to support the development of the students

Optional clubs and activities aligned with the interests of each student and family: TED Ed, Maker, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Global Scholars, among others

The best of Canadian education for a global future

Educational technology with a purpose

Technologies developed and applied to facilitate learning and improve student commitment, increasing productivity inside and outside of the classroom.

Educational technology coordination which acts integrally with the teaching staff, to create activities that are both educational and engaging for the students

Use of (local and international) applications and technologies aligned with the learning goals outlined by the academic staff, in order to improve student performance

School Agenda: exclusive app for communication between parents, students, teachers, coordination and the school board

Apple One-to-One Program (starting in Year 6): each student receives an individual iPad

Use of reading in Portuguese and English and math platforms to assist learning

Development of customized products for the ABA community: apps, games, progress reports, among others

Technology designed to be as limitless as a child’s imagination

International Standard Infrastructure

Innovating resources and technologies to support and motivate student learning.

Main Library equipped with the largest English language multimedia collection in the North-Northeast of Brazil, which works as a place for casual meeting, to share experiences and for student learning

Each classroom has its own library with materials aligned to the class’ goals

Cyber: laptop-equipped labs for the development of digital projects

iPad Labs: mobile labs, ready to be used in class and in other school spaces

Media Lab: studio with equipment for audiovisual content production and an Apple Lab with iMacs

4Life Lab and i-Lab: special classrooms, with creative formats to encourage and challenge students

The first step in teaching students to innovate is making sure that educators have opportunities to be innovators themselves

Maker Space in partnership with the Fab Lab network

A laboratory for the development of Makers.

Digital fabrication lab with a 3D printer, laser cutter, robots, and miscellaneous materials for mindset Maker student development through hands-on activities

Team of instructors specialized in Maker projects and activities integrated into the school’s pedagogical curriculum

Unit integrated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) laboratory network with over 1,000 units worldwide

Maker School Project, with classes and activities for children starting at 6 years of age

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination

Sports and recreation Complex

Gymnasium, Court, Playgrounds and Recreation Areas for sports and recreation.

Multisport Gymnasium and Court

Full-time support team throughout the school period

Toys and planned learning areas for each age group

Experienced Physical Education team

Optional judo, soccer, ballet and chess extracurricular activities

Play is the highest form of research

Continuous Investment in the Future of Education

Education research, development and innovation center

Teams of educators, technologists and entrepreneurs dedicated to thinking about the future of Education

Educational innovation center with educator and leader training programs

Integration with international educational centers

Classes and environments for creativity and innovation

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