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Upon entering the school, the children consider learning a pleasurable experience. This way, they are eager and more likely to learn. Importantly, the program reinforces and builds a positive attitude by offering stimulating experiences.

The knowledge and skills the children build at the end of the Early Years create an effective foundation for learning in the future years and encourage their full development, preparing them to act in a better world.

The teaching of language, reading, science and technology is developed systematically. In the integration among the areas of knowledge. Many strategies are used to adjust to the developmental stages of the children. ABA Global School has high learning expectations for the children in a healthy and warm environment.

Children learn through direct sensorial experiences. Manipulating, exploring and experimenting with real objects is very important; they learn by doing, speaking and moving. They are naturally curious about the world around them and interested in learning about it in different ways.

Playing is something serious to children. While playing, the child clears information, integrates ideas from previous experiences, explores and experiments the environment. Playing provides the opportunity to improve knowledge, learn new abilities and practice the ones they already know. Through playing, children learn how to deal with feelings, interact with other children and adults and problem solving. They develop their imagination and creativity to solve conflicts.

Áreas do Conhecimento

Social Skills: development of companionship and group spirit, knowing how to listen and respect each other, understanding and accepting differences and individual talents, in the world in which we live.

Personal Care: Building healthy habits that will contribute to the care of bodily hygiene, nutrition and physical activities to strengthen balance and flexibility, increasing health awareness and safety standards.

Mathematics: The children will perfect their capabilities with the mathematical universe that enable them to make discoveries, weave relationships, organize thoughts, logical reasoning, situate and locate spatially.

Science: Children will gradually reflect on the different relationships and natural transformations that occur in the environment.

Language: children will experience immersion in the English Language in a diverse environment of written, auditory and visual materials. Through these contacts, they discover the functional nature of oral and written communication.

Motor Skills: The child has the opportunity to explore the movement of the body and the relationship to other bodies through activities of balance, rhythm, harmony and strength.

ABA Global School students use classroom learning centers

The ABA Global School preschool program shows a variety of learning spaces for diverse group activities. As the children need to be active, there are a variety of centers and areas that attend to their diverse needs, interests and age of the children.

With manipulative materials, the children will learn about patterns, sequences, numerical concepts, sets, basic operations, three-dimensional, simple graphics and basic measurements.

Space reserved for the exploration of the various types of support, such as different sized and colored paper, pencils and crayons for writing experimentation. From the scribbles that mimic writing, as the attempts to reproduce words in everyday school life.

This area presents innovative material that involves the sand and water table. The opportunity to act directly with these materials makes children assimilate concepts like dimension, volume, and weight in a natural and efficient manner.

Over two hundred books contemplating all learning areas, many CDs and DVDs are part of the class library. The contact with these materials will expand language skills and, at the same time, will develop children’s interest in reading.

This space has painting and drawing materials such as scissors, glue and a variety of papers that allow children to express their feelings and ideas.

While observing and experimenting daily situations, children will be able to develop and improve their curiosity about the world and explore the environment around them.

Simple musical instruments, either store bought or made by the students are available and encourage sound, time and rhythm exploration of different songs.

As crianças serão estimuladas a buscar atividades que contribuam para fortalecer o equilíbrio e flexibilidade, ampliando a consciência sobre saúde e normas de segurança.