ABA Global School

ABA Global School was the first officially accredited bilingual school for children in Recife. It aims at offering world class Elementary Education using an innovative methodology which can help students develop 21st century skills: constructive communication, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity.

Bilingual Education can provide children with a multicultural context in which social benefits are experienced in which learners become more flexible and open to innovation, thus contributing to a more just and dignified society.


In 2006, ABA established a pioneering bilingual school in Recife in partnership with Maple Bear Canadian School. It provided Elementary Education according to international standards and implemented an innovative, bilingual methodology, inspired by the world renowned Canadian Bilingual Education Tradition.

In ABA Global School`s early development, a Semi Full-time System was pedagogically introduced which brought about expanded areas of knowledge and helped prepare children for a globalizing world.

By implemented a curriculum open to new educational opportunities developed internationally and inspired by an interactional, sociocultural approach to Child Education, in 2011 ABA joined a system of schools of educational excellence: IB World School, connected to IBO, International Baccalaureate Organization.

As a school applying for certification by IBO, ABA Global School will be engaged in Global Education, operating with a far-sighted, globalized vision and offering PYP, Primary Years Program, which enhances student’s background knowledge, their sociocultural experiences and personal interests, fully integrated into school learning. At ABA Global School, children are challenged to be creatively responsible for their learning both in and outside the classroom, while having the opportunity to nurture humanizing qualities such as described in Learner Profile, designed for IBO students.

21st Century School

ABA Global School: A school where educational duality is a reality. Our main goal is that of offering Bilingual Education which will bring about a broadening of our students` ways of perceiving, associating, and understanding.

That will take place in linguistically and culturally diverse environment in which learners expand and probe their knowledge and living experience.

In a bilingual school two languages are learned concurrently through social interactions in a multicultural context. The child will learn a second language in ways similar to what happens in native language acquisition, by using the additional language meaningfully, as related to everyday situations and child-development experiences.

Recent research show that in learning an additional language, children`s cognitive skills become more fully developed and as a result, there is a refining of comprehension, creativity, and reasoning. This means that the sooner a child starts learning a second language, the more effective his or her linguistic learning will be. The bilingual child also benefits from the dual learning of languages and the activation of cognitive flexibility enables him or her to use both languages spontaneously.

In acknowledging and applying such principles, ABA Global School provides learners with meaningful language learning, directly related to their everyday living conditions.

Distinctive Features

  • School certified by IB WORLD SCHOOLS,largest and best network of global schools
  • Associated to Maple Bear Canadian Schools, one of tghe world`s best education systems and recognized for its excellence in Bilingual Education
  • Certified by Mindful Schools
  • Total Immersion in English for learners (up to 4 years of age) and Bilingual Literacy Portuguese/English
  • Transdisciplinary Pedagogy carried out through child-focused Projects and also aimed at development of Multiple Intelligences
  • Priority to learners´ personal development, enhancement of critical thinking as applied to local/global contexts
  • Entrepreneurship Program offered from first school year and Coding Program from the third year
  • Classrooms as Learning Centers for Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Library and Multimedia, Music, Water and Sand,Writing,and Motor Skills
  • A Library in every classroom as well as a school multimedia Library
  • Availability of innovative resources and technology which support/enhance learning Cybers, iPad Lab, 4Life Lab, and FabLab
  • Continuously trained school faculty and staff, empowerd to sjpport learners development and to help them succeed personally and educationally
  • Safe,wholesome environtment, designed according to international standards
  • Good parking facilities


Education for a better world