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ABA Global School

In 2006, ABA established a pioneering bilingual school in Recife in partnership with the Maple Bear Canadian School system. Its purpose was to offer Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education according to international standards with an innovative and bilingual approach inspired by the Canadian Education system that is a world reference in Education, more specifically, in bilingual education.

In its growth, it developed the Semi-Integral System for Elementary School children providing more opportunities for the expansion of knowledge areas with a consistent pedagogical structure in the preparation of children for the globalized world.

With a curriculum open to new internationally developed educational opportunities and an interactionist sociocultural vision, by the end of 2011 ABA joined a network of high level schools in education, IB World School, by becoming a candidate school for certification.

In 2016, after an extensive experience as a candidate school, ABA Global School became an IB certified school even more engaged in promoting Global Education, with a comprehensive view of world connections through the Primary Years Program (PYP). The program values student’s prior knowledge, experiences and interests as important contributors to their learning. The child is urged to be creative and responsible for their learning by having more intense experiences inside and outside the classroom. The child also has the opportunity to develop essential attributes for humans with the IB Student Profile: The Learner Profile.

In 2017, ABA became the first private school in Pernambuco to be part of UNESCO’s network of associated schools, a network of projects involving principles such as building a culture of peace, promoting education for sustainable development and educating generations aware of their role as creators of global citizenship.

21st Century School

Our main goal is to offer bilingual education that favors an opening of perceptions, associations and understandings for our students. Insert them in a linguistically and culturally diverse environment with the means to develop a vast and deep base of knowledge and life experiences.

In a bilingual school, two languages are learned simultaneously through social interactions experienced in a multicultural context. The child will learn a second language the same way as the mother tongue, using it, which makes learning more significant, because it applies this knowledge in their daily lives and in the childhood experiences.

Recent research shows that by learning one more language, the child’s cognitive skills are better developed, sharpening understanding, creativity and reasoning. Thus, the earlier you start, the more effective your language learning will be. The bilingual child also has the advantage of acquisition due to cognitive flexibility and learns how to use the two languages naturally.

Thus, at ABA Global School, learning is meaningful for a child, as they benefit immediately from this linguistic learning by applying their knowledge in their daily routine.

Distinctive Features

  • It’s a school certified by IB World School, one of the biggest and better global schools networks of the world, the only certified school in Pernambuco
  • Member of the Maple Bear Canadian Schools with the know-how of one of the best educational systems in the world and tradition in Bilingual School
  • Certified by Mindful Schools
  • Total immersion in English language until the age of 4 and bilingual literacy – Portuguese and English
  • Transdisciplinary methodology through projects, child-centered and and multiple intelligences methodology
  • Priority of student development, encouraging them to think critically and considering local and global contexts
  • Entrepreneurship Program from Year 1 and Coding from Year 3
  • Classes with learning centers
  • Library in each classroom and an institutional multimedia library
  • Innovating resource and technology to support and encourage the learning: Cybers, Ipad Lab, Media Lab, Fablab
  • Trained team, capable to support the students in their own development according to their needs for personal and academic success
  • Safe and healthy environment, planned by international principles
  • Excellent access with a large parking lot


Education for a better world