In starting their school experience, children enjoy it and show a keen interest and motivation to continue learning. The educational program helps them build positive attitudes, through challengingly pleasant experiences.

The knowledge and skills built by the children at the end of Elementary Education provide an effective foundation for learning in the later years of schooling and enhance learners` full development so as to be ready for responsibly sharing a better world.

The teaching of languages (English and Portuguese), of, reading, sciences and technology is done in a systematic ways. In the integration of knowledge domains strategies are used which effectively correlate with children`s development stages. ABA Global School nurtures high expectations of learning for children by providing them with a pleasant, supportive, and friendly environment.

Children learn through direct sensory experiences. For their learning, it is very important to manipulate, explore, and experiment with real objects: they learn by doing, communicating, and keeping physically active. ABA Global School children are inquisitive about their surrounding environment and show an eagerness to learn about the contexts of learning in various ways.

Play is a very important activity for children. Through playing, children become knowledgeable, integrate ideas from previous experience, problems and interact with their environment. Play enables children to improve their knowledge, to learn additional skills and to enhance already-mastered skills. It is through playing that children learn to cope with feelings, to interact with other children and to solve conflicts. In short, play enhance children`s creative imagination and problem-solving competence.

ABA Global School students use learning centers in the classroom

ABA Global School's early childhood education program a diversity of learning spaces for small and big groups activities. As children need to be active, there is a variety of centers and areas that meet various needs, interests, and age groups.

Math Centre

In this Center, children will sharpen their capacity to solve problems. With easy to manipulate materials, they will learn about patterns and sequences, numerical concepts, sets, basic operations, tridimensional objects, simple graphs and basic measurements.

Writing Centre

Children write and create in this space, where they can find paper, pencils, markers, and crayons. Younger children write through drawings and narrate their stories to teachers, who edit them. Each classroom has its own computer, with which the children are stimulated to keep a record of their ideas.

Sand and Water Centre

This area contains innovative materials which includes tables of sand and water. The opportunity to work directly on these materials helps children understand concepts such as density, volume, dimension, and weight, in a natural and efficient way.

Library and Multimedia Centre

The classroom library consists of more than two hundred books covering various areas of learning plus several CDs and tapes. Contact with these materials will enhance the children’s language skills and will, simultaneously, develop their interest in reading.

Art Centre

In this space you will find material for painting and drawing, scissors, glue, Scotch tape, and a wide variety of paper that will allow the children to explore and express their feelings and ideas.

Science and Experiment Centre

Curiosity about the natural world and knowledge of the characteristics of common materials will be stimulated in the children. Through observation and experimentation of everyday phenomena, they will explore the surrounding environment.

Music Centre

Simple musical instruments, manufactured or made by the children, are the materials available which encourage them to experiment with the sound, timing and rhythm of songs.

Abilities and Motor Skills

These spaces include sheltered and unsheltered areas for play and physical activities. The children will be stimulated to take part in activities that contribute to strengthen balance and flexibility, raising their awareness of health and security regulations.

SBS – Semi-Boarding System in Elementary Education

ABA Global School is always in pursuit of excellence for our students. For us, to invest in education is to guarantee the right to a creative and happy future. A longer stay of the children in school contributes to the diversity the competences of these citizens, who will build the future of our nation. Meaningful Spaces of creativity and education equip the children with diversified strategies in the areas of knowledge and know-how: Arts, Body and Movement, English and Entrepreneurship. With its SBS - Semi-Boarding System, ABA Global School offers a teaching- learning process similar to that of countries that have been outstanding in school development rates, in relation to attendance and curricular diversity, which strengthens the process of children’s global education.