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    This course is aimed at young and adult non-Brazilian citizens, from any country, who wish to start learning the Portuguese language through the habits, customs, behaviors, and values inherent to the Brazilian culture.


    With interactive and dynamic lessons, you’ll learn Portuguese in a practical and objective manner, while visualizing your progress and keeping track of your performance at all stages of the course. With no preset templates, each lesson is unique and based on the learning objectives listed at the beginning of the experience. They offer a variety of interactions to guarantee an active learning process at all times, and they may include videos, audios, texts, images, downloadable documents and many interactive exercises.

    Aiming to develop the four communicative skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, this course is anchored on online activities which use texts, images, videos, and songs that express the Brazilian culture, and consists of six units, divided into five lessons each, as follows:


    • Lessons 1, 2, and 3: regular classes with a focus on new input;
    • Lesson 4: Practice focused on the development of writing skills;
    • Lesson 5: Review of the unit’s content.
    • Lesson 6: Bonus. This extra lesson proposes challenges that make use of authentic materials to explore the Brazilian language and culture.


    The student will be able to do the tasks and activities at their own pace. This way, the course may be taken either on an intensive or a regular basis, as it is the student him/herself who establishes their own rhythm.

    Additionally, the program includes online private meetings with a native Brazilian Portuguese teacher with the objective to practice conversation skills. These meetings can be scheduled by the student upon conclusion of each unit.

    Establishing social contact by asking for and giving basic information about yourself and about others, such as name, age, occupation, home address, appearance, and behavior;

    Exchanging information through speaking and writing on your habits, routine, and interests, using simple grammatical structures;

    Having a command of basic vocabulary and idioms in Portugues;

    Asking questions that will help meet your basic needs;

    Comparing the Brazilian culture with yours so that similarities and differences are understood, respected and valued;

    Recognizing the Brazilian culture within a diversity of contexts.

    Content Developer

    Equipe ABA Global Education


    40 hours


    Young and adult non-Brazilian citizens, from any country, who wish to start learning Brazilian Portuguese

    Requisitos Técnicos

    Access to internet; sound input (microphone); sound output (speakers or earphones); browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera).

    Benefits of ABA Online


    You’ll have access to our portal with 36 dynamic lessons, focused on the development of the four communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

    Private meetings

    At the end of each unit, you’ll get to schedule a private online meeting with one of our teachers. These are excellent opportunities to practice conversation skills.

    Private Tutoring

    You’ll have the support of our teachers during the entire experience, as they send you feedback on your written and oral productions.


    At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate attesting the hours you dedicated to studying the language.

    Your own pace

    You can access the portal as often as you want and practice the lessons at your own studying pace.

    Payment safety

    Transactions are executed through Pagar.me and your information is safe.

    No additional fees

    There are no additional charges for enrollment, instructional materials or extra fees of any kind.

    Português para Estrangeiros


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    40 hours

    36 lessons


    Prerequisite: none

    Extras: 6 downloadable documents

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    Português para Estrangeiros